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Jules Lesouef
Sculptures, from December 3 to January 8, 2023

Jules is a young artist who divides his time between his studio which is located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris (Ateliers de la Brunetière), the studio of the animal sculptor Capri where he continues his apprenticeship, as well as his part-time work at the Happy coffee.


Fascinated since childhood by the world of wild animals, Jules has been observing and drawing them since the age of 3. As a teenager, he turned to modeling thanks to an apprenticeship with sculptors who transmitted to him the techniques of this art.

He develops a particular sensitivity to reproduce animals in unique postures that give them an expressive and emotional attitude.

Elephant, crocodile, bear, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, whale, monkey, panther, shark, lizard, snake… animals from different universes but which all have one thing in common: wildlife.

The work of the subject is meticulous, modeled in the smallest details, scales, striations of the skin, reliefs, patterns enhanced for some by an enamel bath whose cooking brings a shine which contributes to the realism of the animal. Some are simply baked and then waxed, they remain monochrome, sober and elegant off-white. Others will be molded and then destined for a series of bronze copies whose patina produces a tactile effect inviting the viewer to come and touch them.

flyer de l'exposition
flyer de l'exposition
Portrait de Jules Lesouëf dans son atelier
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